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When you purchase legal documents from Socrates, we can process the translation of the legal document from US-English into in any language.

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TRANSLEX International, Inc.
is a United States corporation whose aim is to sponsor international cultural understanding by offering TOEFL and multilingual translation training via international cultural and educational exchange. Our comprehensive linguistic resources cover most languages ranging from Arabic to Vietnamese.

Improve your English Skills

Our Business Services Nuestros Servicios Comerciales
With thousands of qualified professional translators worldwide, we provide high quality legal and business translations at affordable prices. Con miles de traductores profesionales idóneos, proporcionamos traducciones legales y comerciales de alta calidad a precios módicos.
Our Educational Services Nuestros Servicios Educacionales
We have developed The TOEFL Books © 2002, which is our exclusive software to enable individuals to prepare to pass the TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) exam. This test is required by American colleges and universities, and it also is required as a condition for employment by many international companies. Hemos desarrollado The TOEFL Books © 2002, nuestro software exclusivo que le permite a la gente prepararse para pasar el examen TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language). Este examen lo exigen las escuelas y las universidades estadounidenses, y también se exige como condición de empleo por muchas compañías internacionales.
Summer Work & Travel Programs in the USA Programas Internacionales de Estudios y Trabajos de Verano en los EE.UU.
We have opportunities for Work & Travel in the United States for full-time college students during their summer vacations to practice their English skills while working for a participating US employer. Ofrecemos a estudiantes de jornada completa oportunidades de trabajo temporal en los EE.UU. durante sus vacaciones de verano para practicar sus destrezas en inglés mientras trabajan con un empleador participante estadounidense.
NOTE TO TRANSLATORS: Due to the high volume of applications, we cannot reply to them but the records will be kept on file for one year. AVISO A TRADUCTORES: Debido al gran volumen de solicitudes, no podemos acusar recibo pero tales se mantendrán archivadas por un año.
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